We are delighted to welcome you to the thirty-fifth International Week at George Mason University. For the thirty-fifth year, Mason students from around the globe have joined together to develop a program of activities to showcase their countries and cultures and to allow us to learn and participate with them.

International week through the years has grown in its nature and its scope. As more countries are represented on campus, the program offerings have expanded to include them. As the interest and commitment to cross-cultural learning and understanding have grown, more campus and community members have participated. This is very good news for all of us, because our role as global citizens has never been more important.

When you review this year’s International Week program, you will find many activities to challenge and delight you. We hope you will attend as many as you can—not only the ones you remember fondly from past years, but also some that are new and unfamiliar. Make this experience a metaphor for the change we can hope takes place on a global level. Listen. Connect. Participate. And enjoy!

Best wishes,
Judith A. Green, Executive Director of the Office of International Programs & Services
Lauren Long, Director of the Office of Student Involvement