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The events below are from iWeek 2018. The Full iWeek 2019 Calendar will be updated by March 1, 2019.

Geo Bowl
April 7, 2 - 5pm
EXPL Hall, 2301
Sponsored by: Mason Mappers

Do you know anything about history? Other cultures? Languages? Anthropology? Geography? If so, then you're invited to form a team to compete in Mason Mappers' Geo Bowl! Teams of 3 - 5 players will answer questions about a variety of geography related topics and compete for a prize! There will be three rounds of 10 questions each and a bonus question at the end to keep things interesting. With this event, we hope to raise awareness of geography as an inclusive discipline that contains aspects of many other fields while also learning about other countries and cultures in the spirit of international week. Snacks will be provided. Registration for each team is $10 in cash on the day of the event and registration form link is:

Philippine Culture Night
April 7, 7 - 11pm
HUB Ballroom

Sponsored by: Filipino Cultural Association

Philippine Culture Night is where GMU’s very own Filipino Cultural Association presents a play displaying the essence of the Philippine culture through its depiction of the rich traditions and lifestyle within the Philippines while also demonstrating and integrating our three pillars of Culture, Diversity, and Family.

Original DREAMers Dinner
April 8, 6 - 9pm
JC Dewberry

Sponsored by: Mason DREAMers

Mason DREAMers has grown a lot in the past couple of years and we recognize that this would not be possible without all of the support we have received from our parents, mentors, and community members who have guided us along the way. Our "Original Dreamers" are those in our lives who have motivated us to pursue our goals despite the barriers that come across. We will be holding a formal dinner where dreamers, allies, and other community advocates can come together to show gratitude and celebrate what we have achieved so far.

AnyOne Can StepUP!
April 10, 1 - 2pm
SUB I, 3008
Sponsored by: Student Support and Advocacy Center

Have you seen a friend (or even a stranger) in a risky situation? Felt worried, but didn’t know what to say or do? Learn the ways you and your friends can watch out for one another. AnyOne Can Step UP! is a bystander intervention training. We can show you strategies and techniques for interrupting troubling dynamics as well as for directly and indirectly intervening when necessary. Student Support and Advocacy Center staff and certified students co-facilitate these interactive sessions.

2018 Polyglot Performances
April 10, 4 - 8pm
JC Cinema
Sponsored by: Modern and Classical Languages

This annual event highlights the linguistic diversity,talent, and creativity of students who study and speak different languages in our Mason community. Students present cultural performances created in their learning foreign languages.

Refugees and Displaced Populations: We Were There! Same challenge..... different countries
April 10, 7 - 8pm
JC Gold Room

Sponsored by: School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

A student led discussion recounting firsthand perspectives of the refugee crisis in Europe. Through the Boren Scholarship and study abroad opportunities, these students will be talking about the challenges facing displaced persons through their own personal experiences working and studying in different countries, organizations, and cultures. The intimate views through the student’s lens captivate, opening up dialogue surrounding the issues facing refugees and displaced persons.

"What is Islam? Conventional Views and Contemporary Perspectives" Conference
April 11, 9am - 5pm
Research Hall Room 163
Sponsored by the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

Featuring scholars whose work research focuses on Islam in Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Southeast Asia, this conference seeks to deepen and widen the question of "What is Islam?"For more information:

Rosetta Stone Workshop
April 11, 11am - 12pm
Fenwick 1014A
Sponsored by: University Libraries

Rosetta Stone ®, the premier software for language learning. Acquire a new language or brush up your skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as grammar and vocabulary. Rosetta Stone® Library Solution has Thirty languages available. It takes the average learner 50 hours to complete a chosen language level with the Rosetta Stone® Library Solution. Schedule 30 minutes a day and best practices show that within 20 weeks the self-paced learning can be accomplished. For more information, visit:

Dear World Workshops & Open Photo Shoot
April 11, 12 - 1pm; 2 - 3pm
JC Dewberry

Sponsored by: University Life

Join us to participate in this exciting visual representation of Mason's diversity. This is your chance to share your story through photos!

Dear World Story Telling and Photo Reveal
April 11, 7 - 8pm
JC Dewberry
Sponsored by: University Life

Join us to participate in this exciting visual representation of Mason's diversity. This is your chance to share your story through photos!

"Racism, Racialization, and African-American Islam in the Americas" Conference
April 12, 9am - 5pm
Johnson Center 3rd Floor - George's
Sponsored by the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

In the last two decades, a renewed interest in African Muslims’ forced and voluntary journeys into the American continent produced a number of noteworthy publications. This conference seeks to evaluate this multi-disciplinary, multi-method scholarship and highlight emerging venues for new research on racial politics and “racialization of Islam” in the Americas. For more information:

Christian Identity through the Lens of Racial Identity
April 12, 8 - 9:30pm
Hanover MPR
Sponsored by: InterVarsity 

A discussion about racial identity and what God has to say about it. Open to everyone regardless of your faith background or beliefs!

Dos and Doughnuts of Online Dating
April 13, 10:30am - 12pm
SUB I 3311

Sponsored by: Student Support and Advocacy Center

Research suggests that 27% of young adults used a dating app in the last year. Join the Student Support and Advocacy Center and the Peer Advocates for a free doughnut and stigma free conversation about staying safe while using online dating apps lead by the Peer Advocates. Registration Required. Join us as we review the dos and don’ts of online dating.

Chinese Games
April 13, 2 - 3:30pm
East Building, Room 129
Sponsored by: Confucius Institute

Join us every Friday as we introduce and play a variety of Chinese Games. From Mahjong to Chinese Chess, learn about the interesting games that have enjoyed in China for generations. Make new friends, play old games and enjoy you Friday. Come and Play!

Art Exhibition
April 13, 6:30 - 10pm
JC Bistro

Sponsored by: Access Islam

Artwork from various cultures will be presented, along with performances.

Model World Health Organization Conference 2018
April 14, 8am - 6pm
Innovation Hall
Sponsored by: Mason Model World Health Organization

The Mason World Health Organization Conference is a free, one-day student-organized simulation WHO conference hosted in Fairfax, VA by the MasonWHO Secretariat, partnering student organizations, and academic departments. From international politicians to neuroscientists to businessmen to bioengineers, MasonWHO creates a space for students from all academic backgrounds to exchange ideas and engage in global health policy that goes beyond traditional classroom teachings. This year's theme is Drugs: Practices, Policies, and Prevention.

el Festival del Libro Hispano de Virginia (Hispanic Book Festival of Virginia)
April 14, 12 - 6:30pm
JC Cinema
Sponsored by: Student Media

The Hispanic Culture Review, Mason's bilingual graduate journal of literature and art, is proud to bring the second annual Hispanic Book Festival of Virginia to Mason's Fairfax campus during International Week 2018. This interactive event seeks to promote the free circulation of ideas, promote reading, and foster a greater appreciation of books and the written word. This year's authors and special guests include renown Mexican narrator, playwright, and essayist Alberto Chimal, Juan Pablo Biscay, Alberto Caballero, Raquel Castro, Pilar Clemente, and many, many more! Learn more about The Hispanic Culture Review via Bring your family and meet Hispanic writers and poets representing the best in their respective genres including narrative, poetry, and essay. There will be live music as well as traditional dances, raffle prizes, and more. We hope to see you there!